My real name is George Wilson, but most of my peepz know me as "Fresh." I got the name "Fresh" due to my cleean-cut, neon-preppy style and my way wit words. Shouts out to "Ralph Lauren" by the way for keepin' me this fly all thez yearz. I'm a scorpio, my favorite color is blue (baby, sky, navy.. whateva!) For sum strange reason I have this thing wit hot pink (NO HOMO!) Now for fun I enjoy of course gettin' fly, turning-out Parties; clubz, house parties, hotel parties & college paries (if it's poppin', I'm in there)

Fashion plays a major role in my life. Each and every morning when I put on my clothes I feel as if though I'm an artist and my body is the canvas. This is one of the many ways in which I like to express myself, artistically. I also express my creativity the old-fashion way; pencil & paper. Drawing has always been my first form of artistic nature. Before my practices in any style of art there was drawing. As a mere adolescent I first dicovered drawing to be a release of my emotions, then came writing, which I take the least interest in. I write only for fun and compositions (music), but my hearts not really into like dat. The dictionary describes art as "the conscious production or arrangement of sounds, colors, forms, movements, or other elements in a manner that affects the sense of beauty. The scope of art is truly without limit and connot be confined. Art often means different things to different people.

My stylez are are unique. Today you might catch me on some Skater-boy shit the next I'm dressed-up in prepped-out apperal (ex. Polo by Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, etc...) I like to mix that shit up! U kno! Mainly when I'm dressed "preppy" I'm doing something business related that day or have somewhere important to go. I guess you could say I "dress for the occasion" Now when I'm B-Boyed-out I'm more so in a chilled/layed back mood (or just doin' my shit in the hood, Lol)

14th March 2011


"now tell me how they gonna talk shit when i got the closet lookin’ like Macy*s, Ralph Lauren department" -George "Polo Da Don" Wilson

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