My name is Sir George "Prince" Wilson, IV. Born on October 28th (Scorpio Zodiac), off the West Indian/Carribean Island of Jamaica.

I like to consider myself a honorable ambitious, New England preppy, college student from the city of Hartford, Connecticut.

Known. informally, by my fellow peers under the alias of "Prince"; due to the polished, clean-cut, ivy league, neon-preppy style and majestic persona (to which, I graciously embody with considerable regards).

The dictionary describes art as "the conscious production or arrangement of sounds, colors, forms, movements, or other elements in a manner that affects the sense of beauty.” The scope of art is truly without limit and cannot be confined. Art often means different things to different people.

Fashion plays a major role our daily lives. Each and every day when we clothe ourselves in garments preparing to take on the world. Before one may open their mouths to utter a sound, appearance is the first thing that captures the attention of others. It is as though we are artists and our body is the canvas. This is one of the many mediums in which I like to express myself, artistically.

I also enjoy expressing creativity with the traditional “paper & pencil” mediums. Drawing has always been my first love/ form of artistic nature. Before my practices in any style of art/creativity there was drawing. As a mere adolescent I first discovered drawing to be somewhat therapeutic. I recollect a majority of my childhood days spent locked in my room (more like a laboratory to me at the time) sketching up countless masterpieces (or at least what I felt to be ) of my favorite cartoon/anime characters only to later develop many of my own.

Adjacent to running/exercising, drawing has always been my safe haven for solitude when I desire a mental retreat from the world.

14th March 2011


"now tell me how they gonna talk shit when i got the closet lookin’ like Macy*s, Ralph Lauren department" -George "Polo Da Don" Wilson

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